Subsurface Gas Monitoring

by Emily Lane 11 July 2018 Soil Remediation
Subsurface Gas Monitoring


So, what can be done to mitigate the potential drastic effects?

Whether a landowner, developer or regulator the objective is identical; namely to ensure that any existing or proposed development remains or takes place safely.

But because of the temporal or seasonal effects on ground gas migration, monitoring has to be undertaken over a potentially wide geographic area, lasting several months. Sampling techniques like soil probes, for example, which require subsequent laboratory analysis (using thermal desorption and gas chromatography) are clearly labour intensive and costly.

However, there is the possibility to undertake long-term, un-manned, continuous, monitoring using especially designed borehole devices that are battery powered, record multiple gases and make the data available for download to a laptop for later analysis, or, via telemetry. A subsequent guide will look into the considerations when specifying and buying such instrumentation. 


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