Soil/Gas Risks

by Emily Lane 2 July 2018 Soil Remediation
Soil/Gas Risks


Uncontrolled subsurface gas migration and emission poses a number of risks to the environment and human health & safety from anthropogenic sources (the general term for gases originating in human activity) such as:-

  • landfill waste

  • abandoned coal mining

  • shale gas production

  • contaminated land from past industrial use (some dating as far back as Victorian times)

  • pipeline leaks from current industrial processes such as oil refining & chemical manufacture

  • Coal bed methane

    And depending on the type of gas present, there is the potential for:-

  • an explosion

  • acute health effects e.g. headaches, dizziness, unconsciousness or even asphyxiation and death

  • chronic, long term health effects e.g. cancers.

  • Global warming

    The effects are most dangerous when gases and vapours enter buildings because they become more concentrated rather than dispersing to the ambient atmosphere.


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