Hazardous Materials Spill Response Procedures

Hazardous Material spills including biological, chemical and radiological materials pose a serious risk if not promptly and properly responded to by the individuals who initially identify the spill and the appropriate emergency response team.

When a Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) response team arrives at the scene of any incident or accident involving hazardous materials there are many unknown factors which initially need to be identified, so it is critical that First Responders tackle each incident in an accurate and systematic way.

The general Hazardous Material spill response procedures include:

  • RESCUE - Evacuate the spill area. Provide assistance including the use of safety showers and eyewashes. Seek emergency medical assistance once properly decontaminated.
  • CONFINE - Confine the spill area by closing the nearest doors to the spill area. Isolate contaminated persons and do not allow them to leave or spread the contamination. Cover drains to prevent spills from entering the environment.
  • REPORT - Immediately report the spill to the appropriate emergency response office. Provide information on injured staff, type of hazardous material spilled, estimated quantity, and location.
  • SECURE - Secure the area until emergency response personnel arrive to ensure no one enters the spill area.
  • CLEANUP - Cleanup must only be conducted by qualified personnel with the appropriate training, protective equipment and cleanup materials.

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HAZMAT Spill Response




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