Fixed, Portable or Personal Monitoring for Benzene Detection

by Emily Lane 12 February 2018 Benzene
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Fixed, Portable or Personal Monitoring for Benzene Detection


Fixed, portable or personal monitoring for benzene detection?

 Applications for PIDs include:-

  • fixed systems for area or fenceline monitoring of fugitive emissions
  • portable instruments for con ned space entry checks or leak detection & repair
  • personal instruments, to alert a worker to a concentration above the regulatory OEL

Fixed systems

  • be benzene specific i.e. require no calibration correction factor
  • have real or near-real time continuous monitoring with industry standard 4-20mA and/or MODBUS outputs
  • require no operator intervention during normal use

Titan Benzene detector overview 25 reduced.png


  • have specific benzene mode and pre-filter tube capability
  • have high resolution of 1 ppb to cope with the legislative trend i.e. towards an OEL of 0.1ppm and in some cases lower
  • have a long attery life capable of two 12-hour shifts to maximise data capture to minimise system downtime.

Tiger Select Benzene detector overview 33 DONE 2 reduced.png


  • be small and lightweight so as not to burden the wearer (the personal PID is having to 'compete' for space alongside gas and radiation detectors, portable radios and other monitoring instrumentation such as noise dosimeters and dust sampling heads/pumps)
  • have a high resolution of say 10 ppb for compliance purposes
  • have a high range of 5000 ppm to accommodate the high levels experienced during plant turnaround
  • be capable of 1 second logging of actual exposure for later download and analysis which would highlight areas of concern and help identify where fixed systems could be situated. 

Cub TAC VOC detector key features 50 reduced.png

Each solution is optimised for the application offering specific features and bene ts, but design compromises often have to be made due to your specific monitoring requirements.

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