Fire Investigator's Kit

by Emily Lane 11 April 2018 Fire Investigation
Fire Investigator's Kit



To assist the fire investigator, maximise their ‘productivity’ and minimise the number of lab samples that need to be taken, a number of useful accessories and spares should be provided:-

  • Long, flexible probe, to enable access to awkward spaces and gaps between floorboards and ceilings
  • Vehicle adaptor to keep the rechargeable battery topped up plus AA battery pack for ‘emergency use’
  • Exhaust barb to allow air samples to be captured whilst measuring for subsequent lab analysis if required
  • Bump test pen & calibration gas to check functionality and accuracy
  • Spare PTFE filters
  • Rugged carrying case


Modern PID sensors are able to ‘compete’ with arson investigation dogs in terms of sensitivity and offer a number of advantages.  They are portable and easy to use in the complex aftermath of a fire and can run for many hours, where dogs may otherwise tire or become desensitised. PIDs will increase the productivity of the fire investigator and reduce the number of samples that need to be sent to the lab for analysis.  The subsequent cost savings make for an excellent return on investment. PIDs are simple to use and give a continuous read-out for rapid location of residual accelerants at a fire scene.


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