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Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a fundamental parameter in assessing air quality.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) reported in 2018  that air pollution was the cause of almost 50,000 premature deaths in Europe per year.  This finding pre-empted the head of the EEA agency stating "Air pollution is an invisible killer and we need to step up our efforts to address the causes”.

Clearly preventing premature deaths is a priority and reducing air pollution could save millions of lives.  Heavy industries are a major source of VOCs and recent modification to EPA rules call for the tighter enforcement of fence line monitoring to reduce environmental emissions. 


Not only do fugitive emissions from heavy industrial plants result in health & safety and environmental problems, there are also economic implications.  It is estimated over £80million worth of VOCs being released into the atmosphere each year.

During routine refining operations, leaks can occur from pumps, valves, flanges, storage tanks or during loading and unloading.  According to the US EPA, valves and connectors account for more than 90% of emission leaks. The first step in understanding and controlling fugitive emissions is detecting their presence. Leak detection and repair (LDAR) programming using portable VOC detectors are an ideal tool for this.


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